We believe Brentwood Family Pet Care is the best place to take your furry family members because for us, it’s not just a motto. “Loving Your Pets Like You Do” is our passion.

Here are some examples of how we care:

  • Kids are special:  We have an area completely devoted to children.   There are stuffed animals, books, toys and videos to help keep the little ones occupied while busy moms and dads have an uninterrupted conversation with the doctor.
  • Referral Program:  This program gives you credit when you refer someone new to us.   You BOTH get a $10 gift on your account when they come in for their first visit.  There is no limit.
  • Loyalty program and rewards:  We have a punch card we call “Calvin Cards” (after our mascot) that offers a free nail trim or anal gland expression.
  • Drop Off Service:  You have the option of dropping your pet off for services so you can run errands or deliver children to school/activities.  You can then come by later to pick them up. (fees may apply)
  • Staying in touch:  When your pet is having an issue, we try to stay on top of it when your pet leaves the hospital.   We’ll check in with you to be sure you’re seeing improvement or address any concerns that come up.
  • Heavy Lifting:  We are happy to help you into the clinic with a heavy pet carrier or disabled or multiple pets.  And we are glad to help you out to your car with a bag of food and/or a pet, with or without a carrier.
  • Over-the-counter:  We have a number of non-prescription products to help with everything from a dull coat, anxiety and arthritic joints to healthy treats, toothbrushes and great smelling, odor eliminating candles.
  • Lost and Found:  We can help ensure your pet will make it home if they ever become lost by placing a Microchip in them.  We use HomeAgain microchips that have a package of benefits that come with the chip.  Check it out here.
  • Grooming:  You don’t have to make a mess of your bathroom any more.  We can bathe both dogs and cats and do medical grooming, including nail trims, anal glands and ear cleaning. 
  • Puppy/Kitten packages:  Everything you need to get your new furry family member started off right.  Including wellness Exams.  $385 for the package and includes the first exam, microchip, intestinal parasite exam, nail trim, rabies vaccine, combo vaccine, a discount off both the spay or neuter and the heartworm prevention.
  • Vaccines:  We bundle as many vaccines together as we safely can so your pet gets as few injections as possible.  Plus, we’re the only clinic in Brentwood to offer Duramune Ultra, a special low-dose vaccine that reduces the chance of your pet having a reaction.  See more on our website here.  If you live in Rattlesnake prone areas, you may want to consider the Rattlesnake vaccine.  It won’t eliminate the need to come to the clinic, but it will give you the extra time you may need to get your furry friend here safely.  The Bordetella vaccine is required by most places that board pets to help prevent the highly contagious “kennel cough”.  This is also a good idea if you have your dog groomed or visit dog parks or take your dog out into your neighborhood; anywhere other – potentially infected dogs, go.  Dogs that are active campers or hunters need special vaccines, too. Talk with your veterinarian about your pet’s lifestyle so we make sure they’re covered.
    Canine Influenza.
  • Parasite prevention:  We carry a full line of prevention from Fleas, Ticks, Roundworms, Whipworms, Hookworms, Tapeworms and Heartworms.  We offer both topical and/or chewable alternatives.  We are proud to offer the full guarantee of the manufacturer that if your pet has currently been tested for heartworms and is diagnosed with heartworm disease and you can prove you’ve had your pet on prevention (through purchase history from us) the manufacturer will pay for the treatment.  If you can prove you have had your pet on consistent prevention from fleas for 3 months but are not satisfied with the product, you could be eligible for a full refund, product replacement or, if necessary, a full inspection (and possibly treatment) by Terminex.
  • Reminders:  We will be in touch by text, email or snail mail to let you know your pet is due for something.  Just keep us up to date on your email address. 
  • Website:  Our website offers all kinds of information about our clinic and our Team, but it also offers education on diseases and other concerns in the form of handouts and videos for both dogs and cats.  Click here to go there.
  • Let’s be Social:  We want you to be a part of the BFPC family.  Through FaceBook we share info on local events, funny pictures, educational articles, puppy pictures and pics from inside the heart of the practice.  Follow us at Facebook and Instagram.
  • Planning ahead:  We will always provide you with a treatment plan that outlines the services and their associated costs before anything gets done.  We know nobody likes a surprise with a dollar sign attached.
  • Healthy Bites:  We carry Hills and Science Diet pet foods which all come with a money back guarantee.  These are excellent foods for everyday feeding or for support of a medical condition.  We’ll gladly help you out to your car with a heavy bag.
  • Rover’s not traveling:  We have a summary of the boarding facilities and pet sitters (some even work here) as well as trainers, groomers and rescue organizations in the area.  Call for a copy.
  • Community involvement:  Every year since 2006 we have participated in the Brentwood Relay For Life. This is a 24 hour event by the American Cancer Society to raise awareness of cancer and it’s prevention along with raising money for cancer research.  We are very proud to say that, with the help of our very generous clients, we have raised well over $50,000 so far.
    We are very proud to have participated in a national event called Freedom Day USA since 2013. This is a time of gratitude to current and retired military service personnel.  We are honored to make a package of goods and services available, at no cost, to benefit the pets of these amazing people who have given so much to preserve our freedom and safety.
  • In-house Pharmacy:  We have a well-stocked pharmacy so you can go home – right now – with the medications your pet needs to help them feel better sooner.
  • In-House Lab:  Most of our lab work is done right here in the clinic, so we can get results while you wait and start treatment as soon as possible.
  • Allergy testing:  If your pet seems to have a mysterious skin or digestion issue, we can test their blood for all kinds of environmental and nutritional allergens.  Once found we can help limit the irritation by a change in diet or environment, or offer drops or injections to counteract the symptoms.
  • Digital Radiography:  We have the technology which allows the doctors (and you) to immediately see what’s going on inside our pets so we can help make them feel better sooner.  We can also provide you with a CD with your pet’s xrays on it to take to a specialist, if needed.
  • Ultrasound:  It’s not just for pregnancies.  Our doctors can also see blockages or stones right on the screen.
  • Dental Procedures:  Two ways to keep your pet healthy longer:  Keep them lean and keep their mouth clean.  We can do pet dental procedures to bring back that sparkle and say ‘so-long’ to stinky pet breath.  Not just surface brushing but below the gum- ultrasonic scaling, polishing, fluoride treatment and dental x-rays.   What grade would your pet’s teeth get?  Click here for the dental report card. Good Dental health is especially important in smaller breeds. 
  • Surgery:  We offer everything from routine spay/neuters to mass biopsy/removal, fracture repair, cruciate ligament repair (knee surgery), blockage removal, stone removals, c-section, cherry eye, bladder and urethral surgery, intestinal, eye and ear surgery, anal gland removal and others.
  • Show me the money:  We want to make keeping your pet healthy as financially easy as possible.   We take cash, checks, credit cards and Care Credit (https://www.carecredit.com/Pay/634ZDB/) a credit card for medical costs for your pet and your family.  In addition, we now offer Scratchpay. This pet-specific payment plan is easy to get and won’t affect your credit score!
  • Apply or Make Payment with CareCredit: Visit CareCredit.com/Pay/634ZDB/
  • Pet Insurance:  We can provide you with information on a variety of plans to choose from as there is no one-size-fits-all plan.  This link here provides you with a side-by-side comparison so you can pick the one that best fits your needs. We will happily provide you with additional copies of any forms you need to submit to your carrier for reimbursement .  We can also fax your claim forms in for you so you can get your money back faster.
  • We listen:  We want to be a partner in your pet’s good health.  Nobody knows your pets better, so we need to hear what you have to say about your pet’s behavior, lifestyle, habits and well-being. We will let you know what we believe the best course of action is then we want to hear how you feel about it.  Your pet needs a plan that works.  That plan takes both of us to succeed.
  • Doctor/Technician team:  For even more people to care about your pet
  • “Loving Your Pets Like You Do”:  It’s our motto because it’s what we do.  We offer treatment we believe in:  Treatment we would (and do) provide our own pets.  We want to give your furry family members the highest quality of life so they can love you longer.

We are always looking for ways to improve and we would love to hear from you.

Thank you for your time. It’s a pleasure serving you.
Your friends at Brentwood Family Pet Care