Brentwood Family Pet Care Understands the Pain of Pet Loss

Our beloved pets are a source of companionship, love, and friendship. They help us relax and they keep us company. The loss of a pet is an inevitable event but it can still be very painful. That’s why it is so important to acknowledge how much we have lost and to go through a mourning process.

At Brentwood Family Pet Care, we understand how difficult it can be and we want to help. You should know that it is normal to feel grief because of the loss of a pet, and we hope you will find the information in this section of our website to be helpful. Each of us goes through the process of grief in a different way. For some, it is easy to move on relatively quickly. For others, the intense feelings of loss may persist for a long time. In fact, often the first full year after a loss is most significant because each season brings fresh reminders of what has been taken from us. You should know that the process takes time and will get better. It is a journey.

Through this site we hope to offer you encouragement and hope. We have all experienced losses and we work with so many clients; we experience their losses, too.

“The staff is wonderful, the treatment of my babies is superb, and I could not ask for better treatment. I simply cannot say enough about the wonderful people in this practice. They are a blessing to me!” ~ Maureen H.