Weight Management & Pet Nutrition Support for Your Pets From Brentwood Family Pet Care

Like the human population, a large percentage of America’s pets are overweight. In most cases, weight gain in healthy animals is related directly to consuming too much food. Excess food consumption can lead to many pet health problems, including with the heart, thyroid, and joints. As a general rule of thumb, an additional 20% above ideal weight is enough for a dog to be considered obese—and those few pounds of “extra” weight can put your pet at risk. We can help you begin the process of managing and reducing weight by keeping track of how much your pet eats, what he or she eats, and what kind of physical exercise your pet gets.

Plenty of clean water and an adequate amount of quality food is a formula for good health. In a healthy pet, you shouldn’t have to encourage eating—it will happen on its own. Remember, too, as your pet ages, his or her activity may decrease so less food may be needed.

At Brentwood Family Pet Care, we offer Hill’s Science Diet products, which can be helpful in managing pet weight and maintaining overall health. A new option for getting your pet to a healthy weight and keeping them there is the Metabolic Diet which helps pets feel full sooner, so they eat less.

If you’d like to monitor your pet’s weight, we have a scale available in our lobby. Stop by any time to see how your pet’s weight loss is progressing.

“I am treated well and I’ m given time to ask questions if I need to. You are truly great caregivers and since my dog means the world to me ‚ I am genuinely thankful that I have been able to take my pet to a place that I trust with her care.” ~ B.N.