TLC for Your Senior Pet at Brentwood Family Pet Care

Our older pets are our dear friends—more like family than just a family pet—and keeping senior pets healthy and strong is our focus at Brentwood Family Pet Care.

The goal is to ensure good health and help your pet maintain the best quality of life for as long as possible. We strongly recommend more frequent pet examinations with older pets, because a year for them is like several years for us. Because you see your pet every day, subtle changes over time can be harder to notice. Regular visits with veterinary professionals could catch something that might get overlooked at home. We can also make recommendations for exercise, medication, and proper diet (including the avoidance of some favorite human foods that can be high in sodium or other ingredients that are not healthy). We also recommend taking steps to maintain activity and control food consumption to avoid excess weight gain. Of course, we can recommend specific foods and exercise tailored to the needs of your pet.

Being mindful of things such as gum health and skin and coat issues can also help spot problems early. There are also the usual things to watch for in any pet: swellings, discharges, or unusual odors. You can take proactive steps on your own, such as cleaning and inspecting you pet’s coat, watching out for fleas and other parasites, and being aware of any change in behavior. It is amazing how often observant pet owners have “saved the day” by simply noticing a subtle change in their pet and then getting in touch with us.

For more information on the Comparative age of cats and dogs to human years, please view our Senior Pet Age Chart.

Our Sr. Pet Care package is now available! This package helps your senior pet get the best possible care and helps your wallet by allowing you to make 6 affordable monthly payments in addition, the package includes an automatic 5% discount on all products and services for all pets in the household for 12 months! This includes food, treats, supplements and shampoo, exams, vaccines, heartworm and flea products, medications, lab work, x-rays and even surgery! It can really add up over a year! Click here to see a full description of the benefits.

“As busy as it was, the doctor didn’t mind taking time to answer my questions in detail and making me feel like Hunter was his only patient. GREAT visit” ~ Linda C.