At Brentwood Family Pet Care, We Believe Healthy Pets Start With Loving Owners

Keeping a pet healthy involves everything from lifestyle issues to vaccinations to the right medical interventions when needed. Our basic approach to pet health is built around the importance of regular veterinary examinations and preventive care.

Because the human–pet bond is so strong, the philosophy of Brentwood Family Pet Care is to keep each pet healthy and with its family as long as it is reasonable and possible. We try to maintain the best possible health for each pet in our care, and we take a proactive, preventive approach to pet wellness rather than waiting for a veterinary health issue to arise and then treating the symptoms.

We also know from experience that it can be hard to tell when a pet is not well. Animals are very good at hiding their health problems. This probably comes from evolution in the wild where weak animals often fall victim to stronger or predatory animals. Cats are especially good at hiding illnesses, which is why cat owners are less likely to bring their pet in for a checkup. It is also another reason why regular examinations are so important. The examination process is an opportunity to detect an illness before it becomes serious or before treatment becomes impossible.

Because pets age more rapidly than people, it is important to pay attention to regular examinations. Missing one would be like you skipping visits to your own doctor for several years!

Regular examinations also should be integrated with staying up to date on vaccinations. Just contact us to schedule an appointment!

“We’ve always received excellent service from everyone there.” ~ Michelle C.