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Don’t Leave Me!

The separation anxiety struggle will be real for your pet when you go back to work or school Heading back to the office? Kids going back to in-person school? NOW… Read more

Parasites Are Gross. Here’s How To Keep Them Off Your Pet

Fleas. Ticks. Roundworm, heartworm and tapeworm. Our animals are a walking buffet to them, and once they’re on your dog or cat, it’s a short ride on the pet express… Read more

Your Fitness Partner May be Right in Front of You

For many of us, “getting in shape” is number one on our New Year’s resolution list. If it’s on yours, you may already have a great workout partner: your dog!… Read more

Thanks for Making Us the Best in Brentwood!

We wanted to thank everyone who voted for us in this year’s “Best of Brentwood” annual readers’ poll. We were the winners of “Best Veterinarian,” and the credit goes to… Read more

Sly as a Fox(tail)

Northern California is home to a dizzying and rich array of plants, including foxtails. On first inspection, these weeds might seem harmless, but they actually pose serious dangers to your… Read more

High Temps & Hot Pets

The Bay Area is famous for its temperate climate, but even here in chilled-out northern California, temperatures can climb to uncomfortable and even dangerous levels. Our pets are particularly vulnerable.… Read more

What to Do About Dog and Cat Aggression

It’s a difficult but necessary topic to tackle – what can we do if our dogs or cats display aggressive behavior? Whether your pet gets aggressive around family, strangers, or… Read more

Chipping Away at Lost Pets

It’s an unfortunate fact of pet parenthood – dogs and cats get lost. They run away. Studies show that only 17% of lost dogs and 2% of cats ever make… Read more

It Pays to Pay it Forward

We’re in the business of veterinary medicine because we love animals. Pets are our passion. We want to help as many as we can. That’s why we’ve launched our referral… Read more

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